Coby 4 GB Video MP3 Player with FM Radio Review


Considered as a great mp3 player in a cheap price, Coby’s MP620 video and MP3 player allows you to listen to music and view photos, videos, and text files. Packed with 4 GB of memory space, you can store at most 1000 songs.

Outstanding Features

• 1.8 inch LCD Display – Equipped with a colored TFT display, Coby’s MP620 lets you enjoy your videos, pictures, and album art while listening to your favorite mp3.

• 4 GB Flash Memory – with 4 GB of memory, Coby’s MP620 allows you to save more files and almost a thousand songs.

• Rechargeable Battery – You can enjoy listening to your favorite music for up to 8 hours in a single charge.

• Integrated FM Radio – Equipped with an FM radio, you can access your favorite FM radio station anytime anywhere using your headphones and antenna. Coby’s MP620 can automatically scan radio stations for you.

• Text Files – with this feature, you can read text files or your favorite ebooks on the go. You can choose font colors and bookmark areas so you can resume reading in the future.

• Equalizer Presets – Coby’s MP620 allows you to really get a feel of the sound that you are listening. You can select an EQ preset that would let you experience a different mood of music.

Coby’s MP620 is on the top 2 of Amazon’s best seller list of MP3 players. It has the lower price tag with the rest of the best selling mp3 players.

The Pros:

First of all it really is cheap, the design looks good and professional, it has an amazing UI interface, with built in Radio, battery life is great, it is also light and slim. This mp3 player is easy to use and it also lets you feel very comfortable in using it, unlike when you own an iPod or any high priced mp3 player where you always have to be careful not to break any buttons or parts.

The Cons:

The headphones are not very good, for those who are looking for ear bud headphones you might be disappointed with this one. It is recommended that you buy a separate ear bud or much better headphones.

Bottom line:

This is really good for those who just want to listen to music, if you want something more interactive and more fun to use, I recommend that you buy something else. The best about this music player is that it is indeed cheap; it’s simple and very handy.


**** 4/5

Overall, I will give this mp3 player 4 out of 5 stars because it lets you enjoy high quality music in a very cheap price.

Apple iPod touch 8GB (4th Generation) – Black Review

Apple iPod touch 8GB (4th Generation)

Apple iPod touch 8GB (4th Generation)


The Apple iPod touch 8GB (4th Generation) – Black is the number one best seller for mp3 players at as of today. It is equipped with iOS 5 with a lot of features like, the notification center, twitter
integration, iMessage and a lot more. You can also stream videos through Wi-Fi or you can do high quality video recordings yourself. It also has dual cameras, one located at the back and the other in front, this makes it possible to make FaceTime calls which makes you feel like the person you are calling is actually in front of you.

Outstanding Features

FaceTime – the FaceTime feature of this iPod touch allows video calling which lets you see your friends and know exactly what they are up to. You can call anyone who has an iPhone, iPad 2, iPod touch, or Mac using Wi-Fi.

Camera with HD Video Recording – the iPod touch camera offers a lot of features when capturing videos. It has a built in video editor that allows you to remove certain parts of the clip that you recorded. You can also download the iMovie application to have a more detailed editing experience. You can directly upload videos you recorded straight to youtube.

AirPlay – with AirPlay, you can broadcast live any video, pictures, or music that you have in your iPod touch wirelessly.

Music – while playing your favorite mp3 files, you can enjoy scrolling over the different album art of every track. When you are having difficulty creating your own music playlist, you can attach your iPod on iTunes and use Genius. Genius generates a playlist of songs that go great together; you’ll be surprised on what playlist it can create. Turn on the Shake to Shuffle option to switch over to other music with just one shake.

Built-in Applications – you can choose from thousands of different applications offered in iTunes.

The Pros and Cons:

The iPod touch 4th generation offers its users a wide variety of applications that are handy and easy to download. It also lets the user to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. The downside is that it only has a limited memory space, 8 GB and 32 GB, unlike other mp3 players like the iPod classic where it can store up to 160 GB of memory.

Bottom Line:

Due to the iPod touch’s outstanding features, it stays on top of Amazon’s best seller list. Even though its size is bigger than the rest of the succeeding best sellers, it remains very popular among customers.


**** 4/5

I would recommend the iPod touch for those who want to do more than just listening to music. It is very user friendly and is also a very handy way to interact with your friends or family. Overall, I would rate this mp3 player 4 out of 5 stars.

Apple iPod Shuffle 2 GB (4th Generation) Review

Apple iPod Shuffle 2 GB (4th Generation)

Apple iPod Shuffle 2 GB (4th Generation)


Known as the clip and go iPod, Apple iPod Shuffle 2 GB (4th Generation) is the simplest form of mp3 player produced by apple. It has simple buttons that is very easy to use. It is an easier way to play music on the go. It could hold hundreds of songs, multiple playlist and has Genius mixes that automatically creates playlist of songs that go well together.

Outstanding Features:

Sleek designs – the iPod shuffle is made from a single piece of aluminum and is polished to give it an amazing shine. It is sleek and durable. You can choose from different color designs like silver, blue, green, orange, or pink.

Hundred of songs to go – with 2 GB of storage capacity, the iPod shuffle can hold hundreds of songs. That’s enough for an average person isn’t it? You’ll have enough songs that you can listen to whenever you go on exercise or when you commute or just to pass your spare time.

Goes anywhere with anything – the iPod shuffle has a built in clip than makes it easier to attach to your clothing or to anywhere possible. With this, it is easier for you to listen to your favorite songs on the go.

Control your music with just a click – the iPod shuffle is not a complicated device. It has simple control buttons that is enough to navigate through your music playlist and control its volume.

Play it your way – the iPod shuffle has the capability to automatically re-arrange your music. It has a button that allows you to shuffle your playlist or not.

The iPod shuffle is currently on the 5th place in Amazon’s best seller list for mp3 players. It also has the second lowest price tag next to Coby’s MP620 player.

The pros:

First of all, it is small you can easily cover it with your clothes. It has a nice, firm clip that makes it easy to attach to anything. With just simple buttons, it is very easy to use and navigate. It also has a switch that lets you choose whether to shuffle the songs, play it in order, or turn shuffle off. It is also very easy to sync with your iTunes. Battery life is also good with up to 15 hours of audio playback. It’s different color designs and the material used in the body makes it good looking.

The cons:

I can only see very little cons with this iPod. And that is compared to other mp3 players like the Coby MP620 player, the price is just too high for a 2 GB storage capacity music player. Having the buttons occupy most of the front part makes it difficult to use the clip. You’ll need to lock the buttons before using the clip so that you won’t mess with the volume or skip the next or previous song.

Bottom line:

The iPod shuffle is only good for those who wants to just listen to music just to pass their time. I do not recommend this for exercise since sweat could jam the device. I recommend using this for travels or simply just to fill your mood when you’ve got nothing to do.


**** 4/5

I would give this iPod a rating of 4 out of 5 stars because there are only limited cons that go with it. It is excellent if you purely just want to listen to music.

Apple iPod Nano 16 GB (6th Generation) Review

Apple iPod Nano 16 GB (6th Generation) Review

Apple iPod Nano 16 GB (6th Generation) Review

Designed to be very handy, the Apple iPod Nano 16 GB (6th Generation) is now made lighter and smaller than before. It can be carried anytime anywhere. It has a built in clip which makes it easy to attach in your shirt or shorts. It is perfect to use when you want to listen to your favorite music while you go with your daily exercise.

Outstanding Features:

Upgradeable to Nano 1.2 Software – By attaching your iPod Nano to iTunes, you can upgrade the software and you’ll have access to fresher features like being able to browse with large icons displayed one at a time. Enjoy a variety of different clock face designs. Upon upgrading, the iPod Nano is now capable of taking track of your steps, the distance, pace, and time of your jogging or any type of exercise.

Music taps and swipes – The iPod Nano is the smallest version of multi-touch display. It lets you browse your music files by swiping through your songs, album art, genres, composers, or artists. You can play songs by tapping them, and you can rearrange the icons displayed on the screen.
Clip on some tunes – iPod Nano is designed with a built in clip that makes it easy to attach to anything possible. In this way, you can bring it with ease. Attach it to your jogging pants or shirts and you’ll have a new jogging experience.

Play all day and all night – The iPod Nano is capable of playing music for 24 hours, so it is available for use anytime of the day you want to listen to your favorite tunes.

FM radio – Listen to your favorite radio station with the iPod Nano’s FM radio feature. It is easy to use, just tap to show the radio controls and start browsing radio stations. You can even pause any radio program and resume any time you want with the Live Pause feature. You can even rewind for as far as 15 minutes or fast forward to catch up with the live broadcast.

The Apple iPod Nano 16 GB (6th Generation) Ranks number 4 in Amazon’s best seller list for mp3 players.

The Pros:

The iPod Nano best feature is the touch screen interface. Users who are more comfortable with using iPod touch or iPhone will have no problem with this iPod’s interface. The click wheel is no longer available which makes navigation around the gadget easier. Unlike its previous versions where you need to have an armband to carry it when you jog, this iPod Nano has a built in clip that can be attached easily on your clothing.

The Cons:

There are not enough features in this iPod, the screen has also gone smaller than the previous version thus it is not possible to have video playback. Along with that, this doesn’t go with a camera either.

Bottom line:

Overall, when you want a gadget that can easily be taken to the gym or to your runs in the morning, this iPod is best for you. However, if you want something more interactive, you might want to choose another mp3 player.


*** 3/5

I would give this iPod a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. This is because it lacks some fun features like video playing or camera. This iPod is good if you just simply want to listen to music on the go.

Apple iPod Classic 160 GB (7th Generation) Review

Apple iPod Classic 160 GB (7th Generation)


Known as the “take everything everywhere” iPod, the Apple iPod Classic 160 GB gives you the opportunity to actually store the most number of music, videos, pictures, or other compatible files. It has a longer lasting battery life which could last up to 36 hours of music playback and up to 6 hours of video playback.

Outstanding Features

Genius feature – with the Genius feature, you can save yourself the trouble of deciding what music goes will with one another. The Genius feature can do all that; it goes into your music library and will automatically suggest a playlist with songs that go great together. You can use it again to get another set of playlist.

160 GB storage capacity – the iPod classic lets you hold everything. Lets you store up to 40,000 songs, 200 hours of video, 25,000 photos.
Watch Movies and TV Shows – iPod Classic allows you to play your favourite movies and TV shows anytime anywhere. With its bigger storage capacity, you can store as many videos or movies as you like.

Reduced Environmental Impact – it has arsenic free display glass, BFR-free, Mercury-free LED-backlit display, PVC-free, highly recyclable aluminium and stainless steel enclosure.
Among the top 5 best seller list of mp3 players in Amazon, iPod classic ranks number three with the highest price tag. Compared to other mp3 players and iPod models, this iPod classic has the largest storage capacity. It also has the longest battery lifespan of up to 36 hours of audio playback. It has also become eco-friendly reducing its environmental impact.

The Pros:

As mentioned, the iPod classic has a very large storage capacity than any other mp3 player. It also has the longest battery lifespan and very eco-friendly. It has greatly enhanced from its previous versions.

The Cons:

The downside is that it has no camera, lesser applications. It is also a hard drive, which means it has a lot of moveable parts so it is not good to use when you want to jog in the morning. Compared to the 5th generation iPod Classic, this iPod sounds less good. If you have too many music files stored, you might find browsing your music kind of slower.

Bottom line:

This is the best mp3 player in terms of storage. If you can’t get enough of just having 32 GB of storage I would recommend this one. However, if you are more into the quality of the sound rather than the storage capacity, then you may want to consider the 5th generation iPod classic.


**** 4/5 stars

Overall, I would rate this mp3 player 4 out of 5 stars. This is because of its great storage capacity despite of its slow album art browsing and a not so satisfying audio quality.

Music on the Go

Isn’t it boring when we travel for long distances, and we’ve got nothing to do but stare outside the bus or train window? The scenery of the places that we pass along the way may help ease the boredom but a little music would definitely add some life to your trip. Music is everywhere, and for some people, music is their life. The songs that we hear on the radio somehow touched our lives in ways we didn’t even know. So when we get bored, and everything seems so quiet, songs would be the next best thing to accompany us and somehow erase the boredom.
Good thing music has evolved a lot these days; it is even impressive how a gadget involving music has grown from Phonographs to today’s smallest mp3 players. With these small gadgets, we can bring our favorite songs and listen to them anytime anywhere. When we go on a jog early in the morning, music could help us pump up some energy and could motivate us to exercise.
Today, there are a lot of available gadgets that we can avail in order for us to enjoy our music on the go. Theses gadgets also provide additional options or features that would definitely change our music experience. There are also mp3 players for kids to enjoy, but we should let them use these gadgets moderately and we should be responsible enough to select the songs that would influence them in a positive way.
Mp3 players nowadays are very user friendly. It is now easier to add and share your music to your friends or to the entire world. Music for mp3 players are easier to download, and most of them are free around the net.
Mp3 players compared to the walkmans and cassettes of the earlier music era would definitely have a big difference. Even on compact disk players, mp3 players provide the most user friendly features. You don’t have to worry about damaged CD’s or jumbled ribbons of the cassette tape; mp3 files can preserve the songs you like for a very long time.
With mp3 files, you can customize or create your own CD compilation of your favorite songs. This will definitely save you some money from buying pre-made music CD’s with probably only having 2 or 3 songs that you like. Mp3 music are small with regard to their file size, so you can compile 50 plus songs on a 700 MB CD-Rom or more than hundreds of songs in a DVD-Rom format.
Mp3 players are small you can carry them on your pockets and listen to your favorite songs while walking to the nearest bus stop, or when you are buying groceries. You can play them inside your car on a road trip; you can place them on your cellular phones as long as it supports mp3 format. You can share them with your friends via Bluetooth or infrared.
Music has indeed evolved to a different level. From the times where songs can only be heard from a radio, now you can listen to them on the go.

Is Archos 101 Internet Tablet Better Than an iPad (or iPod)?

Is Archos 101 Internet Tablet better than an iPad?
Archos 101 Internet Tablet

Well, the short answer –

    yes…for the money!

And I will tell you why:

With ever more demanding consumers, looking to pack all kinds of functionality into ever smaller packages, the everyday cellphone, iPod, and laptops are beginning to converge into a one-device-does-it-all package. Come hither the venerable iPad, and now…new to the scene…come hither Archos Internet Tablet.

This is indeed a cool device for about $300. This baby puts television, the internet, email and music in the palm of your hand. Although the smallest models are about the size of your average smart phone, the 101 has a 10.1 inch display – that’s why it’s called 101 – get it! They pack an awful lot of capability for such miniature devices. You can get streaming video, email with multiple accounts, and all the internet you could ever want.

Is this beginning to sound like a laptop, rather than an ultra-portable electronic device? Well, you would be right. These devices do give you capabilities closer to that of a full fledged laptop than a smart phone.

These babies even have hard drives as large as 250GB. With something this big, you can store all the music, movies and photos you will EVER need. Another nifty feature is that you can play anything directly on your TV with a DVR station. And best of all battery time is an unbelievable 22 hours on some models.

Here’s the best part – these Archos devices range in price from only $99 to $449. Even at the high end, they are cheaper than an iPad. Highly recommend you check it out.

Transcend MP330 Review Compared to iPod

Transcend MP330 Review
Transcend MP330 Image

This Transcend MP330 review focuses on the small, light MP330 which offers decent storage to music lovers. With a decent capacity of 8GB, this device retails at a price that provides the end user with overall good value for money spent.

Product Description
This Transcend MP330 review focuses on a sleek and portable device which offers a clear display with a 128 x 32 resolution that allows for easy viewing under any type of light. It resembles a pen-drive and its left side features a USB connector with a cap that allows for the transfer of files and other data, as well as for charging the device once it has been plugged into a computer. It also has a 4-way key and a pause/play button at its middle for navigation. The line-in and audio ports are located on its right side while the recording button is found at the top. Weighing in at a mere 25g, the MP 330 is a rather light device in comparison to other MP3 players.

Outstanding Features
This is currently one of the smallest digital music MP3 players in the market right now which provides a rather decent OLED display for greater ease of navigation.

How it compares to IPod Classic and IPod Touch
Unlike the IPod Classic or iPod Touch, recording on the MP330 is only available in WAV format. What this means is that in order to change your files into WMA or MP3 – depending on your preferences, you will require separate convertor software.

How it compares to other MP3 players
There are other MP3 players on the market such as the Creative Zen which provide you with great sound, come with a great pair of earphones and will not inconvenience you in terms of wasted transfer time, as you would have to contend with when using this device.

Bottom Line
If you aren’t very tech-savvy and simply require a hassle-free device that will deliver as per all your basic requirements, this Transcend MP330 review recommends that you go for an IPod instead. This way, you won’t have to go looking for convertor software for your audio files, although you will of course have to pay a whole lot more – almost $200 more – for the brand name iPod. All in all, this device is very handy and contains plenty of practical features and functions such as the radio, music player, voice recording options and USB flash drive. Retailing at $49 for 8GB, I’d say this is a pretty good device that will provide you with good value for money spent.

Rating: **** 4/5 stars